The Chief of the Division of Far Eastern Affairs, Department of State ( MacMurray ) to the Siamese Minister ( Karavongse )

My Dear Mr. Minister: Referring to our various discussions on the subject of the proposed Treaty of Commerce, I am sorry that you did not find it possible to have a final discussion on the subject this afternoon, as you might perhaps have had some suggestions to make. Dr. James went over the draft with us, however, and will no doubt be able to clear up for you any questions in regard to it. I am taking occasion to submit to you, informally and unofficially, for your information, a photostat copy of the draft as prepared by this Division.2

I hope this will facilitate your consideration of the matter, and expedite a mutually satisfactory agreement on the matters that have so long been under discussion.

I am [etc.]

J. V. A. MacMurray
  1. Not printed; substantially the same as the final text printed on p. 867.