The Siamese Minister ( Karavongse ) to the Acting Secretary of State

Sir: In acknowledging the receipt of the letter of the Secretary of State of June 4th, last, and of your letter of August 20th, last,3 enclosing, respectively, for the consideration of my Government, a [Page 867] draft protocol concerning jurisdiction over American citizens in Siam and a draft of the new Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation between Siam and the United States, to which the above mentioned protocol is to be annexed, I have the honour to inform you that my Government, after serious and friendly consideration, have now instructed me to accept these proposals and to conclude and sign a treaty with your Government in accordance therewith as well as to enter into an exchange of letters upon the subject of the lands now in the occupation of the American Missions in Siam as already agreed upon.

May I add, Sir, the expression of my own personal gratification at the happy conclusion of the negotiations which, by establishing the relations between Siam and the United States upon a modern basis and thereby affording a foundation for a better understanding, will have the result of still further strengthening those bonds of cordial friendship which have always existed between our Governments?

I have the honour to express the hope that, in view of the agreement arrived at, the new Treaty with Protocol and exchange of letters may be prepared for signature.

I have [etc.]

Prabha Karavongse
  1. Neither printed.