The Secretary of State to the Siamese Minister (Karavongse)

My Dear Mr. Minister: I have the honor to enclose herewith a draft of a clause to be included in the new Treaty of Commerce and Navigation, accepting the principle of tariff autonomy on the part of Siam.

I trust that the draft as submitted will be acceptable to your Government.

I am [etc.]

Bainbridge Colby
[Page 866]

Draft Clause for Treaty of Commerce and Navigation with Siam

The United States of America recognizes that the principle of national autonomy should apply to the Kingdom of Siam in all that pertains to the rates of duty on importations and exportations of merchandise, drawbacks, and transit and other inland taxes; and subject to the guarantees of the present treaty to equality of treatment with other nations in these respects the United States of America agrees to assent to increases by Siam in tariff rates higher than those established by existing treaties, on condition, however, that all other nations entitled to claim special tariff treatment in Siam assent to such increases freely and without the requirement of any compensatory benefit or privilege.