The Secretary of State to the Siamese Minister ( Karavongse )

Sir: Referring to your note of April 17th last, regarding the surrender of diplomatic and consular jurisdiction over American citizens in Siam, I have the honor to inform you that the request of your Government that this Government’s proposal be modified by eliminating the five-year period and providing for the absolute surrender of jurisdiction upon the promulgation of the Codes, was duly referred to the President for consideration.

I am instructed to communicate to you the President’s regret that he finds it impossible, on the information now at his command, to bring himself into complete accord with the wishes of your Government on this important subject, and to advise you that the President feels obliged to adhere to the decision as heretofore announced to you in the communication of March 6th from the Acting Secretary of State.

Accept [etc.]

Bainbridge Colby