462.00 R 29/420: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in France ( Wallace )

80. For Boyden from Davis.

Refer my B–197 February 10.

In lieu of paragraph 6 deliver following notification:

“I am instructed by my Government to announce my retirement as its unofficial representative on the Reparation Commission. This step is taken owing to circumstances which have made it impossible for my Government directly to cooperate with the Allied powers in preparing the plan of reparations recently agreed to by the Allied premiers. My Government is fully alive to the great difficulties [Page 7] involved in this problem and recognizes the necessity and advisability of unified action in dealing with this perplexing problem, but as it is not in a position at this moment adequately to define its views on the question it feels that it would not be justified in continuing its representation on the Reparation Commission, which it understands will be charged with the execution of the plan to which this Government has not adhered. My Government therefore regrets that it is unable to continue direct cooperation in the functions of the Commission, but desires to express its sincere appreciation for all courtesies which the Commission and its members have shown the United States and its unofficial representatives.”