422.11 G 93/1196

The Minister in Ecuador ( Hartman ) to the Secretary of State

No. 707

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge receipt of Department’s telegram No. 10, of August 18, 5 P.M., which was delivered at the Legation last night.

In compliance therewith, I have today addressed my note No. 434. to the Minister for Foreign Affairs, wherein I submitted the inquiries and suggestions set out in Department’s telegram No. 6, of June 28, 5 P.M. (1921), and assured the Minister that, in making the inquiries, the Government of the United States fully realizes the difficult situation in which the Government of Ecuador now finds itself, and does not intend to convey the impression that it desires to bring undue pressure to bear in support of the American interests involved in the railroad, but that the Department would appreciate a statement by the Government of Ecuador of any measures which it may have in mind to relieve the just claims of all.

Upon receipt of the Minister’s answer, I will promptly transmit same to the Department by mail.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I have [etc.]

Chas. S. Hartman