The Minister in the Dominican Republic ( Russell ) to the Secretary of State

No. 704

Sir: I have the honor to enclose herewith a copy of the Proclamation whereby the Military Governor, in accordance with instructions received, postpones the elections called for in the Proclamation of June 14, last.

I have [etc.]

William W. Russell

Proclamation of July 27, 1921, by the Military Governor of Santo Domingo (Robison), Postponing the Elections

Whereas, by Proclamation of June 14, 1921, the United States Government indicated its desire and intention, with the helpful cooperation of the Dominican people, to withdraw its Military forces from the Dominican Republic, and

Whereas, the cooperation essential to such withdrawal can be secured only through a National Congress of the Republic chosen [Page 843] by elections under the existing Dominican constitution and laws in order that it may designate plenipotentiaries for the negotiation of a Convention of Evacuation, and

Whereas, by Decree of Convocation of July 14, 192121 opportunity was offered for the free expression of the will of the Dominican people by means of elections called for August 13, 1921, and

Whereas, under existing laws, elections wherein all Dominicans, entitled to the right of suffrage by virtue of the Constitution, may exercise such right, can be held only with the cooperation of the Juntas Superiores Directivas of the Political parties in the manner provided in the existing Election Law, and

Whereas, due to protests resulting from misinterpretation of the Proclamation the Juntas Superiores Directivas of the Political Parties, have permitted the time within which to comply with the provisions of the existing Election Law to expire without taking action in conformity therewith, with the result that no opportunity to cooperate is afforded the Dominican people:

Now Therefore, I, Samuel S. Robison, Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy, Military Governor of Santo Domingo, acting under authority of the Government of the United States do hereby postpone the meeting of the Primary Assemblies, summoned by order of Convocation dated July 14, 1921, until such time as the success of an election may be assured. By instructions of the Government of the United States, announcement is hereby made to all concerned that the procedure of Evacuation of the Dominican Republic outlined in the Proclamation of June 14, 1921, and the terms of the proposed convention of evacuation were fully and carefully considered by the United States prior to the issuance of the Proclamation and that the Government of the United States sees no reason for any departure therefrom.

S. S. Robison

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