839.00/2290: Telegram

The Minister in the Dominican Republic (Russell) to the Acting Secretary of State

1. Letter of acceptance of the five Dominicans mentioned in my cipher telegram 58, December 29, 5 p.m.,2 contains the following reservations:

“First, we insist, however, that the personnel of the Commission be limited to the four former members of the Advisory Board and the present Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Rafael J. Castillo, but in case it seems advisable to increase the number we will agree to seven. Second, that amendments to the Constitution and all reforms in laws emanate from the Commission or be submitted to it before being submitted to Congress or the Constitutional Assembly and that in case there is a difference of opinion with the Military Governor in the preparation of said projects, laws or amendments to the Constitution and no agreement can be reached, then the statements of both sides shall be submitted to Congress or the Constitutional Assembly as the case may be. Third, that the technical adviser shall not be a member of the Commission but that if you think it necessary to appoint one he shall act as adviser to Military Government whom the Commission could recognize in certain cases as a member of the committee with said Military Government.”

Military Governor answered that he could not accept these conditions and all of these five have declined to accept membership on the Commission. All of the other men as determined upon by the State and Navy Department[s] have [been] notified but no answer from them has been received as yet.