The Minister in Cuba ( Long ) to the Acting Secretary of State

No. 697

Sir: I have the honor to state that the Department’s telegram of January 4th 5 P.M. arrived in such a garbled condition that it was impossible to decipher it. Confirmation copy arrived and was deciphered January 18th.

Before this, and as has already been reported to the Department,85 I spoke to President Menocal regarding the present campaign being conducted against the banks in this city, and he promptly took energetic measures to terminate it.

It appears that the papers which were harassing the banks have now, for the time being, abandoned their attacks.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

That the President’s present attitude will ameliorate the situation with regard to press articles against the Foreign Banks I have no doubt but there are bound to be occasional lapses as the large number of small newspapers published here seems to have rendered it quite difficult to exercise a supervision over what each publishes.

I have [etc.]

Boaz W. Long
  1. In despatches no. 661, Dec. 31, 1920, and no 678, Jan. 7, 1921; not printed.