837.00/2092: Telegram

The Representative on Special Mission in Cuba (Crowder) to the Secretary of State

65. Complying with last paragraph of your April 21, 1 p.m., I report as follows. Zayas is definitely committed to appoint his brother Francisco Zayas, Secretary of Public Instruction and E. Regiieiferos of Santiago, Secretary [of] Justice, both competent and satisfactory.

He is considering Sebastian Gelabert, member of Liquidation Commission, Porfirio Franca, formerly National City Bank, and Margarit, prominent merchant of Havana, for Secretary of Treasury. Best judgment here is that Gelabert should be preferred. For Secretary of Sanitation he favors Guiteras, present Director of Sanitation, who has served as such for more than twenty years and who was before that professor of University of Pennsylvania, appointing in his place as said director Aristides Agramonte, formerly assistant to General Gorgas and member of Cuban National Sanitary Board. For Department of Public Works, Jose Primelles graduate of Columbia College, Director General of Public Works under President Palma, and at present director of American Steel Company. For State Department, Bustamante, Montoro, and Rivero. All these names in substitution for objectionable names he had originally listed.

For Department of Gobernación, Pablo Mendieta, veteran, War of Independence, formerly Consul General Barcelona and retired Major General of the Army—satisfactory. For Department of Agriculture, Jose Camacho Padro, formerly Mayor of Santiago—objectionable. For War Department, Francisco Martinez Lufriu, of whom I have as yet meagre information.

Have discussed with Zayas several specific reforms and hope to be able to cable tomorrow those which he will stand for. Attempt will be made Friday to proclaim Zayas and will probably be successful.