837.00/1949: Telegram

The Minister in Cuba ( Long ) to the Acting Secretary of State

2. Personal attention Norman Davis2 and Third Assistant Secretary of State:3

After sending January 3, 5 p.m. President Menocal invited me to Palace and in the presence of Minister for Foreign Affairs explained [Page 671] that he could not receive General Crowder because of the manner in which he has been [sent]. President Menocal appeared deeply aggrieved and asserted that he had endeavored to work in harmony with our Government and he could not understand General Crowder’s being sent on a warship without our first observing the formalities customary among friendly nations. After a prolonged discussion Menocal stated that should Crowder’s arrival be delayed until there could be an exchange of notes stating the fundamental reasons for his visit, that he would be disposed to give favorable consideration to having the General continue his journey. The notes are evidently to be used as basis for communication to press and I urgently request instruction as to the Department’s attitude and what steps if any are to be taken by the Legation.

  1. Under Secretary of State.
  2. Van Santvoord Merle-Smith.