500.A4/42a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Japan ( Bell )


114. Embassy’s 245 of July 13 and 251 of July 18. Have had informal conversations with Japanese Ambassador dealing generally with the nature and scope of the Pacific and Far Eastern questions to be discussed at the proposed conference. I have expressed the hope that his Government would not press its inquiry in this matter because of the desirability of complete acceptance of this Government’s invitation, leaving open to later determination the exact agenda. Although I am willing to proceed with exchanges of opinion regarding agenda before the conference meets, I consider it inadvisable to try to formulate a program now and especially to hold up arrangements for the conference until an [Page 40] agreement on this problem is reached. You may communicate this view informally to Foreign Office. At the same time please express this Government’s cordial appreciation of the readiness of Japan to accept the invitation to conference on the limitation of armament.