The British Embassy to the Department of State

No. 249


His Britannic Majesty’s Embassy have the honour to acknowledge receipt of the State Department’s memorandum of March 24th with reference to the embargo on the shipment of arms to China and note, with reference to the Japanese allegation that American shipments of machinery for the manufacture of arms have been made to the Canton Government, that there was in this case no indication that the machinery was destined for other than commercial purposes.

His Britannic Majesty’s Embassy further note that the American Legation at Peking has been instructed not to encourage the Chinese Government to enter into a contract for the supply of seaplanes.

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At the same time, and with particular reference to the last paragraph of their memorandum of March 14th, No. 218, His Britannic Majesty’s Embassy would be gratified to learn whether the State Department are prepared to instruct the United States representative at Tokio to make representations either separately or conjointly with his British colleague to prevent any relaxation of the embargo on the part of the Japanese Government.