893.102 Ic/3: Telegram

The Chargé in China (Ruddock) to the Secretary of State

230. At a meeting today in connection with two recent serious lootings at Ichang, recent looting at Wuchang, and imminent mutinies elsewhere, French, Japanese and American Legations agreed essential for the prevention similar outrages in the future endangering foreign lives and property and for exemplary purposes, to secure at Ichang foreign settlement area, understandings [sic] international municipal control with Chinese participation along the lines of Kulangsu settlement and non-stationing Chinese troops within a reasonable radius of such area to be determined subsequently. This action needed in view of the importance of Ichang as a gateway to Southwest China where large foreign missionary and trade interests located which use city as nearest place of refuge. Also agreed that it would be highly desirable to extend principle military neutralization to Hankow and such other traders [treaty?] ports as necessity may require.

Earnestly request authorization to share in joint representation to the Foreign Office along these lines before June 29. American interests imperiled and this step appears to be mildest measure likely to be effective.