893.74/53: Telegram

The Minister in China ( Crane ) to the Acting Secretary of State


458. Legation’s 428, December 8, 3 p.m. and 443, December 19 [16], 7 p.m. Not having been instructed to the contrary, on December 20, 1 presented to the Prime Minister a letter from Mr. Moss in which he introduced the Federal Telegraph Company and stated its wish to engage in business with the Government of China. I did not discuss a contract or its terms, limiting myself merely to endorsing the company’s standing. To secure the acceptance of a contract it may become necessary to make representations to the Chinese Government. I ask for instructions. I am informed by Moss that the results of my interview are favorable to securing a contract. He also reports that the Compagnie Générale Frangaise, a French corporation, has made an offer to construct a powerful wireless station. The offer was made through the French Legation.