893.74/48: Telegram

The Minister in China ( Crane ) to the Secretary of State


414. Mr. Schwerin, president of the Federal Telegraph Company, incorporated in California, is negotiating with the Chinese Government through his representative, Mr. Barnes Moss, for wireless overseas communication from Shanghai, with secondary stations at Canton, Harbin and Peking. The Director of the Chinese Telegraphs has suggested to Mr. Schwerin’s representative that he employ a working arrangement under American–Chinese management for a certain number of years. Mr. Moss is confident of success. The British Marconi Company is working to conclude a contract for the erection of 42 wireless stations in China but Moss asserts that the Chinese Government shows no anxiety to conclude the contract in question. The Federal Telegraph Company and the Department of Commerce are in communication. The Legation requests to be instructed whether it is authorized to assist Mr. Moss.