The Department of State to the Italian Embassy


The Department of State has given careful consideration to the memorandum of the Italian Embassy of November 22nd, 1921, with reference to the organization of a group of the most important Italian banks for the purpose of entering the Chinese Consortium. With reference to the question contained therein, as to whether the American Government is prepared for its part to support the admission to the Consortium of the Italian Banking Group, the Italian Embassy is referred to previous correspondence concerning this matter and, more particularly, to a conversation between the Third Assistant Secretary of State and the Italian Ambassador on May 11, 1920,62 when the latter was informed that the question of Italian participation would have to be considered by the American Group and the other governments. A copy of the Italian Embassy’s memorandum is being forwarded to the American Group for its consideration.

  1. See memorandum, May 11, 1920, of the Third Assistant Secretary, Foreign Relations, 1920, vol. i, p. 542.