The Secretary of State to the British Ambassador ( Geddes )

Excellency: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your note of September 22, 1921, respecting the so-called Sockeye Salmon Fishery Treaty. You state that the Governor General of Canada has informed you that he has been asked to express the grave concern of the government of the Dominion that any further delay in settling this important matter should have occurred, and you request to be informed as to the nature of the modifications in this treaty which are considered necessary.

As stated in my note of August 27, since it seemed certain that the treaty in its present form could not receive the approval of the [Page 295] Senate and therefore could not be ratified, the only practicable course appeared to be to withdraw the treaty. Very strong opposition to this agreement exists in the West, particularly on the part of authorities of the State of Washington. In the existing situation I do not feel that I am in a position to suggest any modifications, the adoption of which would make possible the ratification of the treaty.

Accept [etc.]

Charles E. Hughes