711.63119/–: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Commissioner at Vienna ( Frazier )

291. Having in mind reservations in Section 2, Peace Resolution,1 ascertain, by informal inquiry, whether Austrian Government intends to raise any question as to any of the rights, interests and advantages as stipulated for the benefit of the United States in Treaty of Saint Germain, referring especially to Parts V, VI, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, and XIV, of that Treaty, including participation in Reparation Commission and any other Commissions which have been or may be established under said Treaty, so far as the United States may desire to participate.

Peace Resolution clearly indicates views of Congress that those rights, interests and advantages should be secured to the United States and this Government will not enter into any Treaty which fails to secure them.

Have it clearly understood that resumption of diplomatic relations, which is in discretion of President, and further steps with respect to relations between United States and Austria, will largely depend on attitude of Austrian Government in this matter.

While your communication will be informal, desire authoritative and definite answer so that this Government may know exact situation.

The Department desires to be informed as to whether the Government of Austria would be willing to enter into a protocol which would confirm all the rights and privileges mentioned above. It is expected that other powers would agree to this, and that in this way it might be possible to bring about immediately the making of a definite treaty, thereby establishing normal conditions and avoiding questions which might arise to delay action were the treaty of Saint Germain, with necessary reservations, to be resubmitted to the Senate.2

  1. Joint Congressional Resolution of July 1, 1921, approved by the President July 2; see telegram no. 1231, July 5, to the Commissioner at Berlin, vol. ii, p. 3.
  2. Last paragraph paraphrased.