The Secretary of State to the Minister in Haiti ( Bailly-Blanchard )

No. 394

Sir: The Department is in receipt of a despatch dated March 31, 1921, from the American Minister at Santo Domingo,25 relative to the Dominican–Haitian Boundary question, in which it is stated that for the past six months, each country has been protesting against encroachments by the other and violation of the status quo. He furthermore states that disagreeable developments may result unless something definite is concluded as to arbitration.

In view of the fact that the proposed settlement of this boundary question has been under consideration for some time by the two Governments involved, and that both Governments have agreed to submit their case to Papal arbitration, you are instructed to call the attention of the appropriate Government officials to the inconveniences and possible dangers resulting from delays which have occurred heretofore in the settlement of this boundary controversy. You may also convey expression of this Government’s earnest desire in the interests of both the Haitian and the Dominican peoples, to learn that the boundary negotiations now carried on between the Haitian and Dominican Republics will lead to a speedy and final agreement regarding arbitration of the case.

I am [etc.]

For the Secretary of State:
Henry P. Fletcher
  1. Not printed.