837.152H11/426: Telegram

The Minister in Cuba (Long) to the Secretary of State

Purport of Department’s March 20, 5 p.m., orally conveyed to President Menocal this morning. He stated he shrank from official arbitration because it would throw discordant details of a disagreeable difference before public and he regretted that informal arbitration was looked upon with disapproval. I assured him that some settlement was inevitable and in view of the fact that he preferred to avoid stirring up of a situation which was disagreeable, it might be reasonable to consider the advisability of reaching a direct harmonious settlement. He inquired how. I replied (basing my action on Woolsey’s personal letter to me dated February 26, 192095) it was my personal opinion that if Cuba would offer to turn over direct to the contractors the 10 per cent of the payments due the company under the contract, some $750,000 now on deposit in New York, that an amicable and prompt settlement could be effected. He replied that if I would send him a personal note to this effect he would give me his answer in a few days. From his attitude I assumed that the reply would be favorable if he could overcome Villalón’s obligations [objections]. This being first indication of Menocal’s disposition to conclude matter I shall send him note tomorrow morning and forward copy in pouch.95

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