637.116/148: Telegram

The Minister in Cuba ( Long ) to the Secretary of State


219. President Menocal yesterday noon showed some displeasure because Vice President Nuñez, who left for Washington last Monday morning, had announced he would there discuss the rice situation.

While President Menocal’s intentions seem to be all right he allowed his Secretary of the Treasury to prepare in an anti-American spirit the decree of September 8th [6th] which not only does not live up to the agreement of August 17th but renders more difficult than before its issuance (if that be possible) practical solution of rice problem. New plan of settlement by price fixing now being discussed gives some suggestion of hope.

I may be able to induce Menocal to make another effort. Chances would be improved if I had stiff telegram from Department to show to Menocal confidentially. …

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .