637.116/168: Telegram

The Chargé in Cuba (White) to the Secretary of State

195. Your August 28, 6 p.m. As reported in my despatch number 362 of August 27th,80 agreement was supposedly reached with Secretary of Agriculture regarding rice on 17th instant. He was to present decree to the President for signature on following day. He did not do so but on 20th instant promised me to do so on the next day. The President was at his countryseat and decree with accompanying report raising objections was [not] presented to President until August 25th. He had not seen his secretary since 20th and did not know what the objections were but promised to study matter immediately. After I left he received the papers and on following day Dr. Montoro informed me President did not agree with Agramonte’s objections and had decided to sign decree but that first he would tell Agramonte so and had already summoned him to his countryseat for the next day, 27th instant, after which decree would be signed. On 28th I inquired Dr. Montoro whether decree was signed and was told Agramonte still objected and President had ordered Montoro, Agramonte and Rice Association’s lawyer to meet on Monday to finally settle matter. Upon receipt of yours of August 28, 6 p.m. yesterday afternoon I immediately called on Dr. Montoro and again urged upon him the imperative necessity of immediately settling the matter. He stated that the only matter left unsettled is the personnel of the licensing committee as Zaldo refused to serve and promised the whole matter would be definitely settled at meeting at four o’clock this afternoon and decree signed tomorrow morning. I told Dr. Montoro that if matter is not definitely settled this afternoon I wish to see the President Tuesday morning and he promised to arrange it. Sub-Secretary of State this morning promised use his influence to have matter definitely settled this afternoon.

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