637.116/100: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Chargé in Cuba ( White )

109. Department’s telegram No. 97, June 26, 2 P.M. Your despatches 232, June 28, and 246, July 2.78

Rice Association of California claims that collective repudiation by Cuban merchants of rice contracts amounts to legal conspiracy. In reply to accusation that American dealers disregarded Cuban interests during the war, Rice Association asserts that its members lived up to all their contracts even though prices greatly increased before delivery due to abnormal conditions then existing. They contend that technicalities upon which present refusal of acceptance of shipments is based are mere subterfuge and that terms and conditions of rice shipments now refused are the same as Cuban merchants have constantly accepted in previous seasons.

You are instructed to take up matter afresh with Cuban Government and emphasize its seriousness to trade between the United States and Cuba. Considering the urgent nature of this case the United States Government will regard with pleasure any steps taken or suggestions made by the Cuban Government with a view of adjusting speedily the matter upon the basis of fair treatment of the interests involved.

  1. Latter not printed.