814.00/373: Telegram

The Minister in Guatemala ( McMillin ) to the Secretary of State

54. Supplementing my 52, March 29, 3 p.m. General Letona, Acting Minister of War, who is the President’s private secretary as well as deputy in the National Assembly, tendered his resignation on March 28, and yesterday was granted asylum at the British Legation. Reason he gives for this action is bad treatment accorded him recently by the President and threats made by latter against his life. He has been one of the President’s most trusted friends for many years. He claims that President is in a precarious mental condition, neither eating nor sleeping for the last few days and that he shows distinct signs of insanity.

I am convinced that there is no other peaceful remedy to this situation than the speedy resignation of the President, but I fear that he will not do so unless such a step were suggested to him by the Department.