837.73/6: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Cuba ( Long )


232. Your despatch 253, July 10th, in regard to the permit for a cable landing granted the Western Union Telegraph Company by the Cuban Government.

You will inquire carefully and make a full investigation relative to the cable situation in question. If any kind of cable has been laid under the provisions of the permit, or if there have been any steps taken, or if any are under consideration, you will reply by telegram and will keep the Department informed of any developments.

The application for a cable landing at Miami for the Barbados-Brazil cable has been withdrawn by the Western Union Company. It is believed that an attempt may be made by the Western Union to make a cable connection with Cuba at some point near Miami beyond the territorial waters of the United States, and to use the existing cables from Cuba to Key West for the transmission of messages.73 You will make a careful investigation immediately.

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