814.00/357: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in Guatemala ( McMillin )

20. Your 38, March 12, 10 a.m.

Department convinced that policy adopted by President Estrada Cabrera of using secret agents in a manner tending to provoke disturbances is a menace to the peace and order of Guatemala. You are instructed to see President Estrada Cabrera and orally to impress upon him the deep and warm interest of the United States in the peace and prosperity of Guatemala and the earnest desire of this Government for the fullest measure of success of his administration. The Department feels, however, that this success is in danger of being marred unless—1st, President Estrada Cabrera recognizes all rights guaranteed by the Constitution; 2d, that no attempt be made to repress the normal political activities of the people; 3d, that no further arrests be made for political reasons; 4th, that in no circumstances and under no conditions should prisoners be subjected to torture or even flogging; 5th, that the policy pursued by President Estrada during the recent demonstration which resulted in disturbances and loss of life has aroused grave concern in this country.

You are cautioned to be particularly careful that the contents of this telegram be held strictly confidential as between yourself and President Estrada Cabrera, and that every possible precaution be taken that there be no leakage from the Legation.