868.00/222: Telegram

The Minister in Greece (Capps) to the Secretary of State

250. Venizelos concedes his personal defeat and probably that of Liberal Party. He has stated to Council of Ministers that in any case he will retire from leadership if he has not the confidence of a majority in old Greece. Success of Opposition due not to actual popular majority which competent observers regard as undoubtedly Venizelist but to well planned and executed political trick. … No great disorder at present but feeling extremely tense. Private secretary of Venizelos advises presence of United States destroyer fearing riots and possibly coup d’état. Four British war vessels in port. Venizelos is determined not to countenance use of force on the part of his friends who are infuriated. British Minister says that in case of Constantine regime coming to power he will be probably recalled inasmuch as British Government cannot possibly regard Constantine as the ruler of a friendly government.