The Consul General at London (Skinner) to the Secretary of State

No. 5026

Sir: With reference to my despatch numbered 4822 dated September 25, 1917, in regard to the liquidation of pending cases in the British Prize Court involving American interests, I have the honor to report the receipt of a personal letter from Mr. Woods of the Procurator General’s office dated October 30, 1917, reading as follows:

“Dear Mr. Skinner: I enclose a list of American claims so far as we have been able to sort them out from the many claims in the Prize Court. I cannot say that it is a complete list, but it may perhaps serve you as a basis for the list which you are preparing.

“You will remember that it was arranged that I was to send you this list privately, and that it was not to be regarded as furnished officially by the Department. I am sorry it has taken so long to prepare, but it involved far more research than I had expected.”

“Yours sincerely,

R. W. Woods.”

and to attach herewith copies in quadruplicate of the list to which it refers.10

I have [etc.]

Robert P. Skinner
  1. List not printed.