462.00 R 29/249: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in France (Wallace)


1189. B–57. For Boyden.

Your B–130, Embassy’s 1321, June 24. In further conference Uruguayan Minister said French support of Uruguayan claims has been promised by Millerand. At Minister’s request you are instructed to take a favorable attitude in regard to claim of Uruguay for ships if based on the Wilson–Lloyd George Agreement provided Uruguay agrees to pay reasonable value of the ships to Reparation Commission. It is believed that under reasonable construction of Agreement, Uruguay, though not a belligerent, may be included in its benefits as an Associated Power. Furthermore, if present value of ships is used as basis for reimbursement under Agreement, Uruguay should be allowed set-off for reasonable expenses incurred in reconditioning and maintaining vessels.40 This position is consistent with the position taken toward claims of other South American nations to German ships, inasmuch as Brazil and Cuba were informed that Department would adopt a favorable attitude toward their claims if made under the Wilson–Lloyd George Agreement.

  1. The assistant unofficial representative on the Reparation Commission reported, Aug. 3, 1922: “The situation with regard to these vessels is, briefly, that they have been dropped from consideration by the Commission and not included in the lists of delivered vessels. Along with other groups of detained vessels, and without any definite decision in their case, they have been treated as never having come into the hands of the Reparation Commission.” (File no. 862.85/1402.)