862.85/1143: Telegram

The Ambassador in France ( Wallace ) to the Secretary of State

1109. B–72 for Department and Davis.

1st. Following received from Greene with Maritime Service in London with reference to delivery ex-German ships between 1,000 and 1,600 tons.

  • “1. In determining list of ships between 1,000 and 1,600 tons, one half of which to be delivered by Germans, Maritime Service decided for purposes of determining total tonnage to temporarily include all detained vessels between those limits. I reserved and requested exclusion of similar vessels detained in the United States. This request was acceded [to], United States interest[s] amount to 5,756 tons.
  • 2. Delay in coming to final decision regarding inclusion of detained vessels is due to British Government unable to state their views at present. British interests in detained vessels all tonnages amount to 374,000 tons, some of which have been condemned and some not. I believe British hesitancy to decide definitely is due to desire to first effect execution of Wilson–Lloyd George Agreement before committing themselves on their detained ships. I know British interpretation of Agreement is that United States shall pay for total tonnage but that present situation Congress points possibility of no payments and all ships to be retained United States under resolution of May 1917. Signed Green.”
  • Boyden
  • Wallace