862.85/1109: Telegram

The Ambassador in France ( Wallace ) to the Secretary of State

991. B–19 for the Department and Davis.

European papers frequently report sales by the United States Government of German vessels seized during the war and late London paper reports sales during the week ending April 10 by Shipping Board including 11 ex-German vessels. For our information, request verification of what is being done in this connection, and where it calls for any change in our attitude with regard to claims on vessels under resolution in Congress.
German Shipping Delegation repeatedly inquires concerning action to be taken by Allies regarding vessels between 1,000 and 1,600 tons detained during the war, which are subject to return to Germany, our information is that 9 ex-enemy vessels detained by United States are within these tonnages. Pending instructions if matter is brought to issue, we propose to maintain that resolution of Congress covers these 9 vessels; please advise.
Reference our B–15 of April 13.37 Lists on United States losses submitted to A[llied] M[aritime] T[ransport] E[xecutive] by representative Shipping Board in London were, we understand, prepared by Shipping Board Intelligence; can such lists be taken as authentic and responsible? Our unofficial representative in [Page 530] London considers those lists practically complete but in discussion would like to have them vouched for by proper authority. Boyden.37
  1. Not printed.
  2. Roland W. Boyden, assumed duties, Apr. 1, 1920, as American unofficial representative on the Reparation Commission, succeeding Albert Rathbone.