611.626/115: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Wallace) to the Secretary of State

256. For War Trade Board and Davis. R–243.

Referring to our Rr–214.6 In interview today between Weinberg, Stephenson and Jacoby, Weinberg intimated individual factories had somewhat changed their attitude since receipt of letter from Mr. Polk and he feared that possibly Badi Pyrmont might be inclined to delay Textiles Cartel orders in favor of any orders they might receive from Kuttroff Pickhardt. Weinberg assured them he [Page 479]would carry out contract loyally as far as his own factory is concerned but could not altogether answer for others although he would bring all possible pressure to bear.
Belgian Delegate on Reparation Commission intends urging Commission to make ruling binding all Allies participating in dye stuffs options that they will not order goods beyond amount needed for home consumption and will not reexport them. Cable at once what attitude we should take. Rathbone.
  1. Not printed; see the Department’s telegram no. 34, Jan. 7, p. 476.