611.626/107: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in France (Wallace)

94. For Rathbone from War Trade Board

Embassy’s 43, January 6, Rathbone 198, for War Trade Board and Davis.

  • Paragraph 1. Although we persist in the opinion that the German export figures for 1913 should be the exclusive basis of distribution we concur in your belief that for the time being we should not insist thereon.
  • Paragraph 2. We are reluctant to surrender at this time such percentage of our allotments as could be spared without injury to our industries in as much as we may desire at a future time to use the same in obtaining further particular concession. In this instance we believe that good policy should yield to expediency.
  • Paragraph 3. We do not thoroughly understand your statement that the program of manufacture shall be limited to a small list of dyes probably not more than 150. Are we to understand that there is in contemplation a program of manufacture for the entire five years limited to 150 dyes?
  • Paragraph 4. We are preparing list of dyes required for our consumption in preferential order and will cable same to you as soon as possible.
  • Paragraph 5. Please advise whether it is possible for Stephenson to fill orders from daily production stocks.
  • Paragraph 6. Please advise whether you surrendered any part of our allotment of sulphur colors in exchange for 5 per cent increase in our allotment of alizarine dyes other than alizarine reds.
  • Paragraph 7. Percentages of distribution for new group of lake colors mentioned in your cablegram are approved.
  • Paragraph 8. Please cable immediately whether our Reparation dyes already ordered have begun to move.