611.626/27: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Commission to Negotiate Peace

2984. Your 3870, August 23, 11 p.m.

Kuttroff Pickhardt & Company who, as you know, are agents for the Badische Company, are representing to us and to the dye consumers that they are in a position to secure and deliver immediately the present requirements of the American consumers for vat dyes if we grant the necessary import licenses. These representations do not correspond with the information given to us recently by MacDowell and Bradley Palmer88 nor with the inference in your 3870 that [Page 449]purchases of dyestuffs in Occupied Territory will be difficult unless facilitated by the Committee on Organization of the Reparation Commission. We are very anxious to secure a definite confirmation of our present understanding that the only effective way to secure our present dye requirements from the Occupied Territory is to effect purchases through official channels and this for the reason that the Rhineland Commission will not permit the withdrawal of dye-stuffs from the Occupied Territory unless request for the same is made through official or quasi official channels.

We are contemplating a plan to provide for the immediate importation of a six months’ supply of vat dyes directly through the Allied authorities and without the intervention of any importing agencies.

  1. Charles H. MacDowell and Bradley W. Palmer, economic advisers, American Commission to Negotiate Peace.