462.00 R 29/218: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Wallace) to the Secretary of State

1178. B–93 to Davis, supplementing my B–91. Notice referred to therein received at this office today. Follow lines understood with addition of request for brief summary of character of claims likely to be finally presented. I should be inclined merely to state informally to members of Commission that under present conditions United States would make no formal reply to this present letter. Other alternative would be to present a summary of the claim which United States might assert if we ever decide to make any claim for repay. Something of this nature advisable sooner or later even if only for the purpose of putting on record what claims the United States renounces, but for present in view of status as to ratification [Page 390] [and] also somewhat unsettled policy with respect to satisfaction of claims through property in the hands of Alien [Property] Custodian, seems undesirable to say anything officially on this subject confining myself to assisting as unofficial member of Commission in reaching sensible conclusions as to general regulations to be adopted by Commission. Incidentally please give me your best present guess as to value property held by Alien Property Custodian also approximate amount of claims likely to be satisfied out of such participation [property?]. Boyden.