462.00 R 29/119: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in France ( Wallace )

799. For Rathbone and Boyden from Davis. Treasury B–13.

Reference Treasury R–272 and Rathbone’s 432 March 18, paragraph 13.

There has been delay in preparing this note. There is some doubt in our minds as to the danger of creating a precedent for Governmental interference with the decisions of the Reparation Commission and for one Government attempting to influence another Government as to the position it should take on questions arising before the Commission. If there is a growing indication on the part [Page 385] of the Allies to ignore our position and not to give our unofficial opinion the same value as if it were official (as indicated in Rathbone’s R–432, paragraph 10, and R–455, paragraph 8, and your B–12, paragraph 3)68 then it will raise a very serious question as to what our future procedure shall be. Before proceeding further on the matter we should be pleased to have your immediate opinion regarding the questions above raised.

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