462.00 R 29/126: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Wallace) to the Acting Secretary of State

779. R–446 for Davis.

Council of Ambassadors at meeting March 18 decided to notify Allied Military Committee of Versailles, naval experts and Reparation Commission to draw up complete list of violations of the Treaty of Versailles and to communicate same to Conference of Ambassadors.
So far as Reparation Commission is concerned this raises important questions—as to which I should have your immediate advice. You will appreciate that in matters of this character it is not possible to ask for delay when immediate action may be necessary.
Should Reparation Commission recognize Conference of [Page 377] Ambassadors as proper body to which report should be made? I have heretofore objected to reports from Reparation Commission to Supreme Council or Conference of Ambassadors on theory that (a) these bodies were not provided for in treaty and (b) United States was not officially represented on these bodies. Moreover section 17 of annex 2 provides for notices to interested powers from Reparation Commission direct.
It may be urged that Germany has made default under reimbursed [reparation] clauses of treaty because of its failure to perform certain obligations within time limit; for example German Government has not in accordance with paragraph 2, annex 3, within two months of coming into force of present treaty, delivered all ships to Reparation Commission provided for in paragraph 1 of said annex. On the other hand in note of March 9th to Reparation Commission, marine service of Commission which is dealing with German[y] in regard to ship deliveries stated that up to the present time German Government has given evidence of good faith in carrying out provisions of annex 3 of treaty. Rathbone.