839.00/2287: Telegram

The Minister in the Dominican Republic (Russell) to the Acting Secretary of State

58. Press denouncing as traitors any Dominican who serves as member of the Commission. To counteract this propaganda Military Government has communicated with Archbishop, Peynado, Jacinto de Castro, Velasquez, and Castillo, president of Supreme Court, all of whom were approved by the State Department and they have all accepted. These members think that nine is too many for the Commission and that five will be able to complete their work more in the interest of the people but they are willing to have seven members if the Department insists. The first four mentioned were members of the old Advisory Board and have already been unanimously approved by the whole country. Objection to an American technical adviser unless he is merely in a consulting capacity as representative of Military Government, and with this last point agreed upon all five members have accepted. All five are willing to proceed to Washington at once before coming to the work if so desired by the Department. If Department agrees to seven members the names of Eliseo Espaillat and Manuel de J. Lluveres are earnestly recommended.