839.00/2282: Telegram

The Minister in the Dominican Republic (Russell) to the Acting Secretary of State

56. Referring to my cable of December 16, 5 p.m., number 55.21 After further conference [with] Military Government I again strongly recommend for the Commission the names of Dominicans submitted therein as follows: Archbishop Nouel; Don Federico Valasquez ex-Cabinet Minister, prominent aspirant for the Presidency; Doctor Francisco J. Peynado, ex-Minister at Washington, ex-Cabinet Minister of Doctor Francisco Henriquez y Carvajal and the most prominent lawyer of the Republic; Doctor Jacinto R. de Castro, Senator last Congress and strong partisan of Horatio Vasaquez; Doctor Emilio Prud’homme, author of Dominican National Flag,22 ex-Cabinet Minister of Doctor Henriquez partisan of the late President Jimenez; Doctor Rafael J. Castillo president of Supreme Court; Manual J. Lluveres, agriculturist at present Governor of Province of La Vega; Eliseo Espaillat ex-Cabinet Minister of Dr. Henriquez and agriculturist from the most influential family of the north; Rolando Martinez, prominent merchant from the east. I earnestly recommend the appointment of Judge James A. Ostrand and as technical adviser to the Commission. He is distinguished lawyer with long service in the Philippines, Chief of Land Court and familiar with conditions here.

It will be noted that this list represents all elements, distinguished lawyers, agriculturists, and commercial men from the different sections of the Republic and also the most conservative representatives of the different political parties.

It is possible that some of these men may not be able to accept in which case names of substitutes will be furnished.

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  1. Not printed.
  2. National anthem of the Dominican Republic.