The Secretary of State to the Diplomatic Officers in Latin America

Gentlemen: There is enclosed herein a copy of a statement prepared by the Department from official reports of the Military Government of Santo Domingo designed to call attention to some of the creditable achievements of the United States Occupation of that country.5

In view of the propaganda that has recently been carried on in many of the countries of Latin America by means of distortion of facts designed to discredit the Military Government, the Department considers it desirable that as wide publicity as possible be given to the statement referred to. In so doing the Department merely desires to have credit given where it is due for what has been accomplished. You will, therefore, have a proper translation made of the enclosure and endeavor to have it published in the leading periodicals in the country to which you are accredited, but in some form that will not make it seem to be merely official propaganda.

I am [etc.]

For the Secretary of State:
Norman H. Davis
  1. Enclosure not printed; see report of the Military Governor printed as a subenclosure, supra.