760c.60f/11: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Wallace) to the Secretary of State

1279. Mission. See my telegram 1252, June 5, 9 p.m. Decision as finally drafted reads as follows:

“It was decided: (1) that the Ambassadors should request their respective Governments to sound unofficially the Polish and Czechoslovak Governments as to whether the latter would accept the proposed arbitration in order to determine the attribution of the Duchy of Teschen, thus renouncing the proposed plebiscite; (2) to ask the dean of the diplomatic corps at Brussels to approach unofficially His Majesty King Albert in order to find out whether he would be willing to accept the role of arbitrator of the differences dividing Poland and Czechoslovakia; (3) to charge the Secretariat General of the Conference with the drafting of a note to the Czecho-Slovak and Polish delegations by which the latter would be officially requested to have recourse to arbitration for the settlement of the Teschen question. [Page 41] Said note would only be communicated to the interested parties in the event of a favorable outcome of the above unofficial negotiations and [further] only in the event that the American Ambassador is able to get a favorable reply from His Government.”

If Department approves idea of arbitration, respectfully request that appropriate instructions be given our Ministers at Warsaw and Prague.