760c.60f/6: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Wallace) to the Secretary of State

1252. Mission. Conference29 having been informed that neither Poland nor Czechoslovakia is willing to abide by results of Teschen plebiscite and that local situation is so acute that armed conflicts may break out at any minute, took the following decision at its 48th meeting held this afternoon: If an affirmative answer from the Government of the United States is received, to suggest officially arbitration to Polish and Czecho-Slovak Governments; in the meantime through the dean of the diplomatic corps in Warsaw to ascertain unofficially if Polish Government would be disposed to accept such arbitration (Czecho-Slovak Government [has] already intimated that it would welcome such procedure) and through same channel in Brussels to ascertain unofficially if King Albert would be willing to act as arbitrator should such proposed arbitration materialize.

In view of urgency of question would appreciate instructions as soon as possible.

  1. Conference of Ambassadors.