824.00/154c: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in Bolivia (Maginnis)

80. The general elections recently held in Bolivia appear to demonstrate without question that the present Government of Bolivia is supported by the great majority of the Bolivian people. From the information which you have conveyed to the Department the elections appear to have been conducted on the whole, in an orderly and legal manner and conditions in the Republic appear to be completely tranquil. You have informed the Department that the Congress recently elected will meet in convention on December 20, to revise the Constitution and to elect a provisional President.

In view of these circumstances the President has determined to recognize the Government of Bolivia, as soon as a provisional President is elected, as the de facto Government of Bolivia. Formal relations with the Bolivian Government will be entered into when it is permanently established.

You will therefore be instructed by the Department, as soon as this Government is advised of the election by the Congress of a provisional President, to extend recognition on behalf of this Government to the Government of Bolivia as the de facto Government of that Republic.