Memorandum by the Chief of the Division of Latin American Affairs, Department of State (Rowe)

The Chilean Ambassador came to see Doctor Rowe this morning and talked over a number of matters. In the course of conversation the status of the Tacna and Arica question was brought up. The Ambassador stated that he did not believe that, in view of the approaching presidential election, anything could be done until after the elections, and, in fact, until the new president took office next December.

He stated furthermore that his personal view was that there should be a separate plebiscite in the Province of Tacna and another in the Province of Arica. The result of such plebiscites is, in his opinion, that Tacna would be given to Peru and Arica to Chile. Such an arrangement he thinks would be entirely satisfactory to Chile, and if such a preliminary agreement could be reached between Chile and Peru, he felt that Chile would be willing to submit the terms of the plebiscite to any arbitral tribunal. Personally he thought it would be best to submit the question to the League of Nations.

L. S. R[owe]