The Chief of the Division of Latin American Affairs, Department of State ( Rowe ) to the Secretary of State

In re: Submission of Tacna-Arica Controversy to the League of Nations

The Brazilian Ambassador was in to see me yesterday afternoon, (Friday June 4,) and requested me to lay before you a personal and confidential message which he had received from Mr. Da Gama, the Brazilian Ambassador at London, reading as follows:

“I have succeeded in making known to the Secretary of the Council of the League the views of the Secretary of State with reference to the Tacna–Arica controversy. I should like very much to know if this question is now the subject of negotiation between the Governments directly interested in the solution of the Tacna-Arica controversy. Also whether the United States is furthering any particular plan looking toward the adjustment of the difficulty. I have information which leads me to believe that Chile is disposed to accept a compromise solution.”

I informed the Brazilian Ambassador that so far as the Department is informed no negotiations are now being carried on between Chile and Peru. …

L. S. Rowe