723.2515/558: Telegram

The Chargé in Peru (Smith) to the Acting Secretary of State

41. On February 23 [24?], Señor Porras, Minister for Foreign Affairs, addressed [by] cable a communication direct to the Bolivian Government, making clear Peru’s position concerning resolution passed January 22, by the Bolivian Assembly, declaring it the policy of Bolivia to incorporate port of Arica and the surrounding territories over which neither Chile or Peru have any definite rights. The note addressed is a splendid argument for Peru’s contention [Page 327] concerning unredeemed provinces. Peruvian Senate, on February 25, passed unanimously a resolution stating that Peru will always uphold her imperishable right to territories held by Chile and applauds Chancellor for having faithfully interpreted the national sentiment. The Senate passed law on the 23d for the filling of ministerial vacancies. This law will avoid continued [criticism] of the present Minister of Justice acting as Minister of Hacienda in the absence of Señor Fuchs.

The press commented favorably upon the introduction of a bill in the House of Representatives, Washington, for the appointment of four Naval officers to reorganize Peruvian Navy.80

The press is commenting on reported formation of a government party to be called Reform Democratic. The head of the party will be Señor Legina81 and its acting president Marshal Caceres. The idea is to absorb the Constitutional Party and bring together the scattered, disordered forces that now form the Government.

  1. See, under Peru, the section on appointment of a naval mission from the United States, vol. iii, pp. 367369.
  2. Probably Augusto B. Leguía, President of Peru.