The Peruvian Appointed Ambassador (Pezet) to the Acting Secretary of State

My Dear Mr. Polk: Confirming my conversation with you of this morning, with reference to the attitude of the Government of Bolivia in its interference in the question now pending between Peru and Chile, known as the Tacna and Arica controversy, I have the honour to transcribe the text of the cablegram which I read to you and in which my Government, in unequivocal terms, signifies its intention not to countenance or even to listen to any proposition whatsoever from Bolivia on this subject; which is one upon which, I may add, that we, as a people, will not permit any outside interference of the nature now advanced by the Government of Bolivia.

The telegram above-referred to says:—

“In view of the resolution adopted by the Government of Bolivia to endeavour by any means to acquire Tacna and Arica, including an appeal to the League of Nations, I have sent a note by cable to that Government expressing surprise and declaring that Peru will not even listen to propositions in reference thereto (signed) Porras (Minister of Foreign Affairs).”

I am giving publicity to this cablegram because it is the desire of my Government that it be known that Peru, as a nation, stands firmly on the subject of her rights; and that while we would like to see Bolivia attain her ambition of securing an outlet to the sea, we cannot accept her eleventh hour determination to obtain this through territory which Peru claims as her own, even though its actual possession be denied her to-day by another nation by Eight of Might as against Justice and Equity.

With the sentiment of my highest consideration [etc.]

F. A. Pezet