714.1515/319: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Consul in Charge of the Legation in Honduras (Lawton)61

15. At a conference on the boundary mediation held at the Department on February 16, the Mediator requested the representatives of [Page 314] the two Governments to endeavor to come to an agreement. At that meeting the Honduran delegate stated that his proposal for a boundary was contained in the last memorandum which he had submitted. The Guatemalan delegate stated that it was impossible for him to consider this proposal.

In view of this situation the Mediator is forced to the conclusion that he is unable to bring the representatives of the two Governments to an agreement. In the course of negotiations the representatives of the two parties have requested the Mediator to propose a line. The Mediator, however, regards his duty to be merely to assist in bringing the contending parties to an agreement. He is, therefore, unable to accede to this request, unless both Governments make formal request for such a line and give prior assurance that the same will be accepted when proposed.

If the two Governments decide to adopt this course, the Mediator will be disposed to comply with their request.

You are instructed to communicate this view to the Government to which you are accredited.

  1. The same to the Minister in Guatemala as no. 13.