Memorandum by Mr. Leon Dominian, Division of Latin American Affairs, Department of State

Guatemala-Honduras Boundary Mediation Conference held at the Division of Latin-American Affairs on Monday, February 16th[, 1920,] at noon.

The following were present:

  • Dr. Rowe and Mr. Dominian representing the Mediator.
  • Dr. Toledo Herrarte representing Guatemala, Miss Thompson assistant counsel for Guatemala.
  • Dr. Bonilla representing Honduras.

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The conference was opened by Dr. Rowe who stated that it was the Mediator’s and his own desire to bring this mediation to a settlement acceptable to both parties. He stated further that the Mediator greatly regretted to find that the two parties had not come to an agreement after two years of negotiations. The purpose of the conference was to inform them that the Mediator would summon them again to a conference fifteen days from today and inquire whether they had come to an agreement on a boundary. It was his earnest hope that a settlement could be reached during that time.

Dr. Toledo Herrarte then spoke and stated that in view of the antecedents of the case he had very little hope that a settlement could be reached by direct negotiation and that the fifteen days period suggested by the Mediator would probably prove barren of results. However, he wanted to give evidence of his spirit of conciliation and would, therefore, be prepared to examine suggestions emanating from Dr. Bonilla. He added that the submission of a proposal for settlement ought to come first from Dr. Bonilla in view of the fact that the Honduran delegate had the right of precedence in these negotiations.

To this Dr. Bonilla replied that the terms of the settlement he had to propose were contained in the last memorandum submitted by Honduran counsel,60 but he could not go beyond them and that moreover he did not deem it just to his cause to make any further concessions.

Dr. Toledo Herrarte then replied stating that negotiation on this basis could not be carried on by him and that the fifteen-day period set by Dr. Rowe seemed unnecessary as it was evident that no settlement could be reached.

Dr. Bonilla concurred with this opinion.

Dr. Rowe then closed the conference stating that he regretted that a settlement could not be reached. He added that Dr. Bonilla and Dr. Toledo Herrarte would be informed of the date of the next conference in order to be notified of the next step in these mediation proceedings.

L[eon] D[ominian]
  1. Ibid., p. 633. The memorandum is dated Jan. 28, 1920.